iPhone vs Android : Which Is the best in 2024?

In this article we will talk about iPhone vs Android; which is the best in 2024, which is the best to buy iPhone or Android?

See, if we talk from my point of view, then there is almost difference in the wages in India and America, for example, the price of iPhone 14 Pro 128 GB mobile in India is approximately Rs. 125000/- whereas this mobile costs 999 dollars in America.

android vs iphone me If we talk about iPhone, then American people can easily buy it with their one month salary which is a normal thing for them. Similarly, if we talk about Indian people, then they can buy iPhone with their 3 to 4 months salary.

iPhone vs Android : Which is best in 2024
If you belong to the rich Indian class who earn 8 to 10 lakhs per month then this is a normal thing for you which you will not care about. Till date, from my perspective or after observing the surroundings, it seems to me that Indians who earn 25 to 30 rupees per month also buy iPhones but they have to buy it on EMI.

If iPhone is made in India then its price will decrease even further which will be the difference between Rs 10k to Rs 25k.

If you want suggestions from me then I would suggest you that both iPhone and Android are right as per your personality and features. If you have less budget or your salary is 10k to 25k then you should go for Android and if you have more budget then you can go towards iphone.

Why Android is Better than iPhone?

iPhone vs Android : Which Is the best in 2024 In our previous article we have talked about why Android is better than iPhone that if you haven’t used any other smartphone like Galaxy S22 or Google Pixel 6 then you are missing out on a lot because they have amazing features that iPhone doesn’t have I currently have Samsung Galaxy S10+ which is an amazing smartphone. Its screen is gorgeous.

And it is absolutely true that today’s Android world is progressing very fast, because in India the demand for Android is increasing more than iPhone because due to having more features, its price is cheaper than iPhone.

iPhone vs android cemara

Here we will talk about iPhone vs Android Camera.


In Android, the showiness of camera hardware looks more beautiful than iPhone because the manufacturers here make different devices. And along with this, different sensor lens configurations are used in different models of Android phones so that the camera in Android phone gives very good quality of photos and videos.

Apart from this, the camera apps in android phones are designed by different brands, hence they keep changing from time to time. Apart from this, the android phone user can customize the camera as per his choice.


Apple Company designs iPhones according to its own understanding and makes the hardware according to its own understanding. iPhone itself uses sensor technology and lens to make its camera better so that iPhone can take high level photos and make high quality videos which It is somehow better than a smartphone.

The apple company pays special attention to the usability of the iPhone so that its usage can be made easier in the future.

All types of hardware and software in iPhone ensure that the customer can use it even in difficult circumstances.

If you want to know about Android smartphones, which will give you complete information, then you can click on Best Android Phones 2024 in India.

What can iPhones do that other phones can’t do?

1.) RAM:-

If we talk about RAM, then all the smartphones of all the Android companies come with almost 6GB RAM, whereas the latest model of iPhone comes with 3GB RAM. He also performs forcefully.

In the last few years, iPhone models were equipped with 2GB RAM, but still they find a solution to any performance problem. So you can imagine how a smartphone would perform if it had such a 2GB RAM.


Mostly iPhone provides 12+12 MP camera. While smartphones offer 16+20, 16+12, this can give you an idea of ​​how poorly the 12MP iPhone camera will perform compared to other 16MP smartphones.


Before iPhone X, 8 Or more models they have just a battery limit of around 2000 mAh. Might you at any point try and envision utilizing other cell phone with a similar battery limit?


Don’t bother making sense of about this. I’m actually utilizing iPhone 4s which I purchased a long time back and its turned out great. A 4 years of age some other cell phone? Unadulterated damnation.

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